Close to nature, release the mind -- -Mibbo enterprise development training

Author: Date:[2016-12-14]

The same piece of iron, which can be sawing and disintegrating, can also be made into steel.

The same team can do nothing but accomplish great things.

On April 25, 2015, the staff of Mibbo company went to anxi dayong door to participate in the two days of outdoor and outdoor development training for the purpose of enhancing the teamwork and cohesion of the enterprise team.The essence of development course is experiential learning, which can be applied in work and life through team activity, communication feeling, reflection and induction, transcendental ascension.The common experience has led you to learn to be active and to use your individual and collective abilities to overcome the challenges you face.

Before the official start, the coach passed a series of cheerful activities, which broke the barriers between people, established the basis of mutual understanding and created a team atmosphere.Then, under the coach's guidance, the team split into three teams, working together on Bridges, dreams, supercomputers, and team dynamics.The strength of the three groups, each has his strong point, but we are not high and low, but in the process, what did you harvest, comprehension, thinking before work way and the behavior model for their own work how barriers, transmission distortion and for execution.

Through this expansion training, each team sees its own advantages and disadvantages, and also feels the importance of teamwork and communication, laying a good foundation for future work.Mibo's colleagues have learned from this practice, changed in experience, benefited a lot, and have more experience in life.After experiencing the success of dedication, collaboration, and courage, everyone feels the essence of "responsibility, collaboration, confidence".At the same time, in the intense work and pressure, to be close to nature, to feel and fields are green, blue sky, let the mind, improve work efficiency, to mobilize enthusiasm and working enthusiasm, for the company's cultural construction and sustainable development provides a solid foundation.

Although the event is over, the impact of the "Mibbo" is far from over. It is shocking and profound.This outdoor development training activity, is a baptism for employees, is to further advance our go all out to do all the work of the power, it is not just a simple outdoor promotional activities, but a kind of culture, a kind of spirit and a concept of transfer, more is a kind of thinking, a kind of enlightenment...

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