Mibbo and you are invited to the IAS 2015

Author: Date:[2016-12-14]

Convenient rail installation, easy to load and unload

Exterior patent, beautiful and generous, aluminum design

Super group, thick material, protect heat dissipation performance

"Three-point" M4 large aperture installation

Unique cooling scheme, even in high temperature condition, can be stable

Configure terminal protection cover to ensure connection safety

Mibbo rail power supply is widely used in petrochemical, steel, power, transportation, machinery and equipment manufacturing, automatic control and other industrial and civil fields.

Solid state relay by microelectronic circuits, discrete power electronics, power electronics device composed of non-contact switch, its operating frequency is high, no noise, long life, low power consumption, vibration resistance, suitable for bad environment;And the input side USES small control signal to achieve direct driving large current load.Has been widely used to control most industrial loads.

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